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Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities coming soon!

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Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities coming soon!

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The United States Asia Chamber of Commerce (USACC) is an international trade Chamber. It has been established since 1968 in Washington D.C. Now, there are many chapters and representative offices extended from U.S.A. to Asia.

U.S.A.C.C. is assisting Chamber members to do business/ trade in U.S.A.and Asia by locating manufacturers, end buyers, sellers, financing, and investors in two ways. There are 6 divisions in the Chamber: Trade & Commerce, Real Estate & Finance, Education & Training, Trade Show & Exhibition, Government GPA / GSA Projects & Local Economic Development Division, and Legal Division.

U.S.A.C.C. is a non-discriminated International Trade Chamber of Commerce, we are political free, races free and religious free; to become our Chamber member, we welcome all sizes of corporations and organizations from anywhere in the world.

U.S.A.C.C. has no personal or individual members; all members are registered corporations, companies, schools, non- profit organizations, trade groups, government agencies or local Chamber of Commerces, etc.

U.S.A.C.C. also services the members in the areas of local economic development to international trade related issues, from investment and immigration programs to establish the foreign trade zone and/or set up in an international business incubator program; in addition, the Chamber also deals with consumables to commodity trade, matchmaking , troubleshooting, career training to educational certification programs, export and import financing and insurance security to both buyer and seller of trade, marketing and advertising to promote your products and services, assisting qualifying products to obtain a government procurement contract; more further, we also assist our members in preparing to obtain the certification of FDA/FAA/GMP/CCIC/AQSIQ certification to SGS inspection.


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almost 6 years
<< 美國亞洲商會 >>

投 資移民項目説明:風險低且辦理速度快的直投移民項目

美國亞洲商會特別設計一個"政府採購移民方案":Easy To Get To(簡寫:E2G2)
Make local easy to get

目前為止,最安全完美可靠與合法的投資項目,政府合 約商,穩定性佳,有合法權益,可申請居留權,入籍後,可選擇繼續投資,退場,或持有股 權。

這個投資計劃的概念是把市政府資源和企業社團社區與市民的生活商業交流文化活動,以城市政府的深入市民服務與當地人民的生活消費者市場的各中小企業經濟融合在一起,協助市內每一個商業和市政廣告介紹結合,以最簡便快捷方便的行動網絡裝置如手機,I Pad, I Watch, 電腦等,即時即興創造商機,這種最新潮流的企業經營模式,每分每秒都在增加營銷的機會,造福每個持有工商登記執照的工商業;不論是訂Pizza, 修水電,買花,找商機,上超市Shopping, 郵局寄信,看表演電影,參加社區學校博物館活動,找學校,去雜貨便利商店,搬家砍樹,叫車,旅遊安排,稅務法律咨詢,市政府業務,修車,洗衣,找銀行,印刷,上餐館,不論大小事務,都可以在Easy-To-Get-To 這裡很輕鬆地在划手機時立刻找到;而每個鄰居的商家,也都樂意提供各種商業服務和優惠給附近的市民;而不會因為不熟悉不瞭解而開車跑到很遠的地方去找需要的物品或服務;
Win- Win- Win 大家都贏的局面。



如申請人符合我們的EB-5 直投移民項目,我們將安排專屬移民及商業法律師面談協助申請
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Membership Benefits
U.S.A.C.C. members will receive a two- hours free consultation each month and E- newsletter for all information about upcoming events, workshops, seminars, trade shows, exhibitions, and other business opportunities for Chamber members.

The two-hours of free consultation is made by appointment only with specialists; they will be varied, and charges may apply from each of specialists. We will inform you when there is a charge or fee. The appointment can be made either through a phone call during the office hours or via e-mail.

We can also arrange a workshop or a mixer/ function for you and invite our Chamber members or a Chamber related network to attend your event; again, this can be by request; and there will be charges and fees involved.

Our member service also includes locating buyers to sales distribution,
merger/acquisition to IPO, your subsidiary corporation registration to build your future business plan, trade settlement for legal litigation assistance, and etc.
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almost 6 years
Hiring a Consular Adjudicator
Currently, we are hiring Consular Adjudicators with fluency in Mandarin.

You can use your Mandarin language skills as a Consular Adjudicator to contribute to a more democratic, secure and prospero us world. We need U.S. citizens with fluency in Mandarin to work as limited non-career appointment (LNA) Consular adjudicators in high volume posts in China.

Initially, these appointments are for a period of 18 months, and then renewable for up to five years, based on satisfactory performance and the needs of the Foreign Service. An LNA appointment will not lead to further employment with the U.S. Department of State or conversion to another form of employment. For specific requirements, and to apply, please visit careers.state.gov/CALNACM.

After reading the vacancy announcement, if you have specific questions, please post them on the Foreign Service Consular Adjudicator forum found in the Engage>Forums section on the careers site.
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